Sara Kalina 2018

Kracow, Poland, direct: for Studio recording of original songs and purchase of new guitar


I’m Sara Kalina, and I’m a 20-year-old guitarist and composer, currently studying painting in Poland. Bert Jansch is one of my biggest inspirations. I write my own songs and my project is to buy a new acoustic guitar and to go into a studio and record a few tracks. This will help to make my music better known and hopefully to get some more gigs. Recordings with good quality would be helpful for me, when I send my songs to music clubs, radio or other musicians

Recently I performed at Cracow’s music club, and I played a concert on 12th of April as a support of band Voda, in Chicago Jazz Club in Cracow:

Although I am an art student, ‎I play the guitar every day. Of course, there were and there are situations when I’m not playing daily, but basically it is every day. Sometimes it is an hour, sometimes three hours. I have about 40 songs which are finished and arranged, but also a couple hundred compositions which are not entirely finished and need some work.

‎My dream is to discover new sounds on the guitar, to develop myself as a guitarist and as a composer. For me, to compose music was, and still is, most important thing. Guitar is a wonderful instrument that gives you full range of colours to express yourself as a composer. I would love to start a band, drums and bass guitar will fit in with many of my songs. I also really want to release an album and play concerts. The Bert Jansch Award has helped me to buy a new Yamaha guitar and start to record my songs.

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