Becky Sikasa & David Scobie 2016

Popular Music BA, third and fourth year respectively, Edinburgh Napier University

Their tutors say:

“Becky is a very talented songwriter and singer, David writes too and plays acoustic guitar. Their music is a mix of folk, soul, jazz and African (Becky’s dad is from Kenya). They have interest from publishers and labels, so they applied for funding to allow them to undertake a recording session with full video crew and a string quartet. The judges are confident that Becky and David will produce a high-quality product that will help them in their career development.”

Becky and David say:

“LUNIR (previously known as Becky and the Lunar Orchestra) is a group incorporating elements of folk, soul, jazz and R’n’B. We will be performing a live video session in Edinburgh’s Chamber Studio, along with the renowned Maxwell String Quartet. We also plan to produce broadcast-quality material showcasing our new music.
We are absolutely honoured to be receiving the Bert Jansch Napier Award, and would like to thank you sincerely for selecting us! This project is a huge stepping stone in our career, so your help will be endlessly appreciated.”
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