Bert Transcribed guitar workshops

In conjunction with: Bert Transcribed

The Bert Transcribed workshops teach how to acquire some of the guitar techniques that made Bert Jansch’s style unique, with examples and transcriptions from Bert Transcribed – The Bert Jansch Songbook

Bert Transcribed: The Bert Jansch Songbook

In conjunction with: Bert Transcribed group

Bert Transcribed: The Bert Jansch Songbook now available here in all territories and music stores. It includes tablature, chords, full staff notation, indications of fingering as well as melody line and lyrics for 24 of Bert’s songs all painstakingly compiled, reviewed and verified by the Bert Transcribed team, convened by the Foundation.

Napier Bert Jansch Award

In conjunction with: Napier University

In collaboration with Napier University, Edinburgh, the Bert Jansch Foundation offers support to selected students of the University’s Popular Music BA programme.


Rosemary Lane Day

In conjunction with: EDME Music and The Bell

The inaugural Rosemary Lane Day at The Bell in Ticehurst on Saturday 22 August 2015 celebrates the musicianship, songwriting and enduring legacy of Bert Jansch, his time in Ticehurst recording Rosemary Lane and his patronage of The Bell.

Bert Inspired: a Concert for Bert Jansch

In conjunction with: Celtic Connections

Celtic Connections hosts Bert Inspired: a Concert for Bert Jansch, celebrating the music and life of the guitarist and his Scottish roots. Featuring Jacqui McShee, Robert Plant, Archie Fisher, Ben Watt and Bernard Butler and Ryler Walker plus more special guests, these two shows form a climax of the Celtic Connections 2016 programme.

EFDSS Guitar Workshops

In conjunction with: EFDSS

As part of a continuing collaboration with the Bert Jansch Foundation, the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) have been host to several workshops exploring English folk guitar techniques

Renbourn Guitar Workshop – 2014

In conjunction with: Renbourn Guitar Workshops

As part of their Renbourn Guitar Workshop series, John Renbourn, Remy Froissart and Mike Walker hosted a group of budding guitarists for a special workshop focussing on Bert Jansch’s influences and techniques, with guest tutor Wizz Jones. A scholarship for a young guitarist was instigated by the Bert Jansch Foundation.

A Celebration of Bert Jansch

In conjunction with: Southbank Centre and the BBC

Leading lights of folk and rock came together on 3 December 2013 at the Royal Festival Hall to celebrate the life and legacy of Bert Jansch. Friends, fans and collaborators created fresh interpretations of Bert’s original songs and traditional tunes he’d made his own.