Rosemary Lane

These six editions of Rosemary Lane from 1996-99 cover vibrant years in the post-Pentangle musical projects of Bert Jansch, Jacqui McShee and John Renbourn.

Bert married Loren Auerbach, launched his successful come-back album When the Circus Come to Town, brought his own musical circus to town by taking up regular residency with friends at the popular 12-Bar Club in Denmark Street, released a bootleg album from that experience, toured around the world and followed up with the memorable Toy Balloon from the studio. Jacqui put out the first fruits of her collaboration with Gerry Conway and Spencer Cousins in the long-awaited About Thyme album, began work on the follow-up Passe Avant whilst touring Europe and the UK both with her own band and John Renbourn. John himself had started working on arrangements that eventually emerged on the album Traveller’s Prayer, but in the meantime was overtaken by the release of the Lost Sessions album of recordings from the early ‘70’s, whilst touring the US and Europe which also gave rise to the Live in Italy collection. He played with Jacqui, Stefan Grossman, Isaac Guillory, Archie Fisher, Wizz Jones and even teamed up again with Dorris Henderson for some impromptu concerts re-visiting their early 1960’s collaborations. So when you read the magazines now, you will quickly discover they depict three flourishing talents fully-engaged with their music and thrilling audiences wherever they performed.

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Download Issue 9 >

  • Bert Jansch talks about the making of his highly-acclaimed album
  • 2 Classic pieces of guitar tablature from Bert and John

Download Issue 10 >

  • Interview with Jacqui McShee
  • The Jazz-Angle by Peter Noad

Download Issue 11 >

  • John Renbourn: Of Times and Troubadours
  • Guitar Tablature: classic Bert and a new arrangement by John

Download Issue 12 >

  • Bert Jansch and the Sex Pistols
  • Album review: Loren Auerbach & Bert Jansch

Download Issue 13 >

  • Review: Toy Ballon by Bert Jansch

Download Issue 14 >

  • Colin Harper on Bert’s Early Years
  • Two more guitar tabs for classic Bert and John tracks

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