Two Bert Transcribed folk guitar workshops at EFDSS confirmed

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Two folk guitar workshops are coming up based on Bert’s music and innovative techniques on Saturday 11 May 2019 and again on Saturday 14 December.  Jon Riley and Thomas Fairhurst from the Bert Transcribed group of experts convened by the Bert Jansch Foundation, will present insights into the elements of Bert’s guitar playing and advice on how to achieve them.

Participants in this one day workshop in London will work through, and take away, many examples of his riffs and techniques, as well as transcriptions of some of his songs and instrumentals from Bert Transcribed – The Bert Jansch Songbook.

Players of all ages and backgrounds from beginners to professionals who can fingerpick and read tab or staff notation will get a lot from this workshop.
Both events will be hosted at Cecil Sharp House, London NW1 7AY, 10am-5pm, £35/£15 students. Book a place and more info.

If you would like to host a Bert Transcribed workshop, please contact