Elisabeth Salverda 2021

for making a radio feature about the piano-voile

Elisabeth Salverda

Elisabeth, currently studying at Goldsmiths, University of London, is a composer, sound recordist, pianist, and piano technician.

As a creative practice researcher, I am working on an album exploring the sounds of the early 19th-century piano-viole, a mechanically bowed keyboard instrument, supported by conservator colleagues at the MIM. Her publications include ‘Restoration and Reinvention: Reviving the Piano-viole’, Galpin Society Journal 72 (2019): 52–74, and ‘Sonic Imaginings, Creative Mementos: The Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels’, The Low Countries – 2018, no. 26: 264–273.

Her grant will help her make a story in sound for radio about the piano-viole: the process of restoration and reinvention, how the piano-viole sounds today, and her creative response to it. Development and production is supported by audio producer and Whickers Radio and Audio Funding Award winner 2020 Mads Mordigan.


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