Najia Bagi 2018

Goldsmiths, University of London: a collective event ‘Voicing the Invisible’

Najia Bagi is an artist who likes to explore the spaces within us: longing, waiting, transition, pause, breathing. She uses rituals, gatherings, repetition and movement to connect herself and other to these spaces.

Some of Najia’s projects are participatory, which means that others join her to share their stories, and these shared moments provide comfort and the creative material which often forms a performance or installation.

Often spending long periods of time working through each project, Bagi works using her own and others’ singing voices along with film, photography and the gathering of people, to create environments that enable us to explore our relationships with ourselves and one another.

In her work as a creative producer, Najia has worked nationally to animate public spaces, engage children, families, young people and adults and contribute to addressing a particular community issue or interest.

Her Bert Jansch award has helped her to create a collective eventVoicing the Invisible’

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