Calum Reid 2018

From Newcastle University, Calum Reid, used his grant to buy a new bouzouki for his ensemble.


Thank you so much for this award, it will help me so much with my project, and Bert Jansch is one of my top guitar heroes, so it means a lot to me to be receiving the award from the Foundation. My project is called

Acoustic Electronica
It is focused on acoustic instruments and vocals, with the use of electronic effects and loop pedals, to create huge musical textures and alternative/electric/produced sounds often associated more with popular music, yet while still staying within folk music. This stems from an interest in creating unique sounds and from my own song writing, where I try to build up a large soundscape as a solo performer to provide interest, depth, and additional accompaniment to what would otherwise be a relatively simplistic set up of guitar/bouzouki and vocals. I will be using the money towards buying a new quality bouzouki

My bio:
I am an English/Irish singer-songwriter and musician and final year student on Newcastle University’s folk and traditional music programme. My influences come from musicians such as Richard Thompson, Bob Dylan and Luka Bloom. My musical background and performance has been primarily immersed in folk and traditional music yet with influences from a wide range of other genres, such as blues, world and popular music.

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